Help your friend, family member or client feel better today!

Touch Skills for Caregivers

Online Video Course

Learn easy to do skin strokes that feel good and helps someone who is not at their best to feel a bit better. It can give you a lovely way to express your desire to help your loved one relax and feel comfort.

Practice connecting strokes that are easy to do, feel good, and help your loved ones reconnect with all of their body and feel more whole again.

Headache is a common experience for people who are not well. Help relieve headaches with some simple massage techniques.

Help your friend, family member or client feel better today.

Relieve Pain with Easy Touch

Jenny Gelfan

Jenny Gelfan, partner in 10xHealing, has more than 30 years (over 10,000 hours) experience as a healing arts professional, providing hands-on care and teaching others to care for themselves and each other. She is happy to share with you touch techniques to help your friends, family members and clients feel better.