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Intuition is a Direct Line to the Divine

Connecting to your Intuition is like Having a Direct Line to the DivineWhy Tune into Your Intuition?Tuning into my intuition gives my life meaning and guidance on how to proceed on the path of

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7 Reasons to Connect with Guides and Angels

I would never go back to living without the support of angels and guides.  Never.  My life is so much better with divine guidance to assist me.7 Reasons to Connect with Guides and Angels:1. You are

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Lessons From Your Cat

You can learn a lot from your cat. The Cuddle Factor  Cats don’t ask permission to get on your lap. Cats assume you want to cuddle with them. Learn to anticipate loving acceptance just as your cat

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Love Seeds

Plant love seeds for positive change. Link with the clear light of divinity.When we love, we plant seeds that grow more love. Plant now. Plant often. Tend your garden, all things grow with love. When

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Death is Scary to Talk About

Talking about DeathDeath is scary for people.They don’t want to think or talk about it.  But you must discuss it and make plans. When you do talk about death or chronic illness, everyones’

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Six Ways to Reduce Stress

Let’s face it, we live in a stressful world. In my life I have solved a few chronic stressors that used to make my life challenging. First, I make sure I leave in plenty of time to get an appointment.

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