7 Reasons to Connect with Guides and Angels

connect with guides and angels

I would never go back to living without the support of angels and guides.  Never.  My life is so much better with divine guidance to assist me.

7 Reasons to Connect with Guides and Angels:

1. You are never alone! So many of us feel alone and than few people understand us. My guides and angels really understand me. They know I am sensitive and they have trained me how to manage my sensitivities. Sometimes by giving me the idea to open a certain book to a random page and there will be the answer I seek. Or I mention that I need something for a craft project for instance and my friend will tell me she happened to buy too much modpog or something.

2. You have the ability to manage your feelings and open your heart. By helping us meet our basic needs they facilitate us being open to the higher qualities of compassion and love.

3. You find new ways of thinking that support you. I get instructions that I don’t understand, but later upon reflection, there was a perfect reason for it. An example is the time I was told from the voice within to say no to a social invitation that seemed like it would be great and later it turned out that I was called to do a bedside sing with my hospice choir who needed a soprano. That is a priority for me, singing when people need it.

4. You develop healthy habits and an empowering lifestyle. My guidance asks me to give up sugar, reduce meat consumption and meditate daily. I also cannot be around scented products and they turned out to be full of harmful chemicals. I was guided to stop dying my hair too. And all the cleaning supplies I need are white vinegar and baking soda. If I need to make the room smell better, I use lemon essential oil or peppermint for bug repellent.

5. You experience moments of grace and synchronicity. When I listened to the inner voice that told me to call a friend and she was weeping because her good friend had just died, I was grateful to be there in her time of need. Or when I took 5 minutes longer to get ready even though I hate to be late and I passed an accident that had just happened.

6. You find your life purpose and have the passion to pursue it. I have been supported in pursuing my dream of having a healing practice that honors the fact that I think we need to have a sense of spirituality to be psychologically well. I found a graduate school that operated from that theory and provided a course of study that gave me confidence and credentials to live my dream. This occurred because I was guided to take a workshop, met a man that completely inspired me and he taught at the college that was 3000 miles away. I researched the school, applied, sold my possessions, packed my car and moved out there in 3 weeks. I didn’t even know if I was accepted at the school or had financial aid. I just knew I needed to go and everything lined up for me to do it. I loved all my courses, found a whole school of people who thought like I did and had a year of feeding my soul. It was all about art being meditation and prayer, ecology being a deep part of spirituality, feminism and sexuality being essential to wellbeing and the cosmos living within us. Quantum physics, mysticism, native religions, honoring mother earth and divine wisdom that speaks through our hearts were all a part of what we studied. And what wonderful people I met!

7. You get insights to help you solve problems and navigate life. I was contemplating what I was going to do to expand my private practice and shared this with a business advisor. He said something I will always be grateful for, “I think you should meet this other client of mine, something tells me you can help each other out”. We became business partners officially 16 months later. She is the technology expert and I provide the spiritual, emotional and physical healing that helps our clients. It is a wonderful expansion of my private practice and we are getting the wisdom to many more people than I could before working with her. All because this guy used his intuition to suggest we connect, because we listened and followed through and have been following guidance ever since.

In the comments below, let us know … How have guides and angels helped you and made your life better?

About the Author Janet Heartson

Janet Heartson is a wellness consultant and livelong intuitive. She integrates Kinesiology, NLP, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Psychology & Spirituality, Flower Essences, BioFeedback and Nutritional Consulting to help you heal exponentially.