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One Hundred Percent Love

Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life by Janet Heartson

100 percent love from Extraordinary Moments

“Every aspect of our lives is, in a s​​​​​​​​​ense, a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.” — Frances Moore Lappe

I recycle everything, even other people's trash. I helped my neighbors move, and in the process I discovered that they didn't feel that they had the time to recycle. I made a mental note to go through their garbage and sort out the glass and plastic and paper that could be put to good use. Okay, I know that is a bit excessive, but it only took me an hour and I felt really great about doing my small piece on Mother Earth's behalf.  And I got a bonus that I never could have anticipated ...

In the garbage, I found a cool vase, a magazine I was interested in and an old video of some guru. I was curious about the video, but tucked it away for another time.

I have suffered from insomnia for at least 20 years and I’ve learned to get up and read or watch a video or listen to a meditation tape. So when I couldn’t sleep I just got up and turned the TV on. There was nothing I considered worth watching at 3am, so I dug out that video that I had rescued from my neighbor’s trash. It was boring at first, but I was glad for that because I thought it might help me get sleepy.

As this woman is describing her experience of Sai Baba, I watched the room suddenly light up. Everything became energy that glowed and I became aware that everything is living and vibrating, even the furniture. I had only previously experienced this in a very high group meditation, so I sat up and took notice. Putting my skepticism aside, I said out loud, “Okay, if you exist and would like to help me I am open to your healing.” As they say, be careful what you ask for.

After a few minutes, I began to feel sleepy and I gratefully returned to my bed and drifted off. In my dream state what happened next seemed perfectly normal, but when I awakened I was quite amazed.

Sai Baba came to me in my sleep and asked me “How much love do you want?”

I replied, “Twenty percent.”

Sai Baba looked forlorn. He shook his head and asked, “Wouldn’t you like more than that?”

I realized my mistake and said, “How about eighty percent?”

He gave me a look of such compassion and sadness, and then he zapped me with one hundred percent love.

What a lesson I received from this Master. How could I not ask for one hundred percent? I really had to look at the way I measured my self-worth and my concept of how much I deserved to receive. He was a good friend to come to my dreams and heal me.

So if you get an urge to recycle someone else’s garbage, be aware that there may be prizes there.

Akashic Record

Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life by Janet Heartson


I was a bright student with a high IQ and I loved to learn. I did, however, hate school. I felt constrained and bored and sometimes insulted by the curriculum and the attitude of some of the teachers. I know I must have been a handful because I loved to debate and wasn’t a bit shy. I especially struggled with my history teacher. I questioned why we were expected to memorize the dates and facts around the wars, but weren’t delving into the meaning or, more important, the prevention of them. I had some real fears about our society and wanted to keep brainstorming with others about what we could do to improve humanity. He was infuriated by my “poor attitude” and seemed relieved when I skipped class.

One day I was feeling especially hurt by our conflicted relationship and my general disappointment in school. I went into the field behind my house and lay in the grass sobbing. I cried until all my tears were spent. I felt exhausted and empty. I fell into a light sleep meditation. A voice inside me said, “Let go, let go, let go.” Those words were repeated over and over again like a mantra.

My awareness left my body and drifted up into the sky and beyond. Then I was in a great room filled with all the knowledge that existed and was able to absorb it all by simply thinking about it. I had the thought, “I wonder about...” and before I finished the thought, all the information about that subject would be instantly within me. It was not in my head, but permeated my whole cellular structure.

​Then I became aware that I was experiencing something “weird” and zoomed out of the great room and back into the field. Later I read that others had experienced similar things and there was something called the Akashic Records. I was glad to know that I was not alone in this knowledge.

This experience taught me that all knowledge was within me and that books were a circuitous route at best. This experience gave me confidence in my thinking process and comfort in my quest for truth. The thought that truth existed within me was enormously healing for me. It quieted my spirit and gave me some trust in life.

Cosmic Joy

Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life by Janet Heartson


I was more aware of death than the average child. I drew empty swings and wrote poems about death and war and losses. I began to worry about my cat Cinders dying. I listened to a record of Romeo and Juliet every night before I went to sleep. There was tragedy brewing and I could feel it coming.

There is an ongoing disagreement in my family about when my mother’s terminal diagnosis was made. I think it happened when I was ten, but everyone says it was five years later. I think the confusion comes from my own precognition. We are all correct. I knew when I was ten, and they officially found out five years later.

I would have been diagnosed as clinically depressed at that time if someone had noticed my chronic unhappiness. I would go off to brood in the woods or by my favorite brook, so no one noticed. One day I was so depressed I could do nothing but collapse into the field and cry. I cried for quite a long time and told “God” how disappointed I was in the world and how alone I felt. My heart ached so much I felt it could burst. Crying hard, I emptied myself. I didn’t know what else to do.

Later, as I lay there exhausted and spent, the sound of the crickets began to penetrate my awareness. Then the smells of the earth beneath me wafted into my senses. A bird flew overhead and I felt the grace with which it moved. In the next instant, a palpable joy permeated my being. Every cell began to sing and a lightness entered me. I have never forgotten that celestial gift. Had I not received that moment of reprieve from pain, I don’t know what would have become of me. It was a moment that changed my life forever.

Experiencing that moment of unlimited joy gave me the awareness of the law of complementary energies. This is the natural law that states that for every yin there is a yang. Balance is natural, so when we feel overwhelmed by a thought or feeling, we can trust that the opposite feeling is also available to us. It’s a dance of polarities and when we accept this dance we also transcend it. We can know that we are more than the simple reaction from one dynamic to another; we are greater than the polarized way of being. The qualities that enable us to transcend are faith and wisdom. Now when I am in deep despair, I need only remember how close joy is on the wheel of life.


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