Intuition is a Direct Line to the Divine

intuition direct line to divine

Connecting to your Intuition is like
Having a Direct Line to the Divine

Why Tune into Your Intuition?

Tuning into my intuition gives my life meaning and guidance on how to proceed on the path of life. Many people are intuitive and would benefit from being more consciously aware of the messages that come from being tuned in to their intuition. Psychotherapists and Psychiatrists are beginning to share that they use intuition in their work. Doreen Virtue, PhD and Judith Orloff, MD are two great examples of using their sense of knowing in their work and the profound results that have manifested for their clients.

Do You Have an Intuitive Role Model?

Some of you had an intuitive mother, father or grandmother, some of you had no one to model using intuition in every day life. If you didn’t have a model, you may have kept your abilities a secret. I did. In my book, Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life, I share stories about my life as an intuitive. One experience was about knowing my father was injured and insisting that the adults to get him. Another incident was telling my mother how to get home from being lost in Maine. Another was having a dream that my sister was injured and discovering that the oven had blown up in her face. (she was alright, her eyebrows and lashed grew back). In none of those experiences did anyone acknowledge my intuition. It was ignored, which I interpreted as judgement and fear. So I carried some shame about being intuitive until I matured and did some studying about it.

Are You Embracing Your Intuition?

It was not easy in the culture,  but I wouldn’t give up being intuitive for anything. It is what connects me with the Divine, with other people, animals, nature etc. It is what connects me, period. So embrace your intuitive gifts because they are fulfilling to experience and I believe they will save humanity and our planet. It’s that big!

Did you meet your soul mate, avoid a car accident, get that great job, call a person when they needed you? Let us know in the comments below, how your intuition has guided you.

About the Author Janet Heartson

Janet Heartson is a wellness consultant and livelong intuitive. She integrates Kinesiology, NLP, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Psychology & Spirituality, Flower Essences, BioFeedback and Nutritional Consulting to help you heal exponentially.