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    • Get help tuning into divine wisdom, changing limiting beliefs and connecting with your guides and angels.
    • Get assistance in creating the life you want to live from Janet Heartson, lifelong intuitive, who integrates the healing disciplines of NLP, Shamanism, Reiki, and Kinesiology to serve you.
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During private sessions, Janet integrates counseling with mystical experiences like speaking with lost loved ones, angels and guides and shamanic work, including past life regression and soul retrieval. This helps you heal exponentially.

I was astounded at Janet's laser-sharp insight

I was facing one of the most important decisions in my life and was frozen, unable to move in one direction or another – that’s when I began working with Janet. I was astounded at her laser-sharp insight and ability to help me identify and heal wounds both past and present. I gained more from the first session with her than in a series of sessions with other traditional counselors. I am happy to report I made great gains thanks to her facilitation. I now feel able to move forward in a way that I am sure will result in the healthiest outcome.

Tanya S

Janet truly empowers you to be your best self

Janet is incredibly intuitive, gifted, and has a unique way of working with you that gets to the heart of the issue with clarity and immediacy. When I began working with Janet, I was very depressed, felt lost, and additionally had unexplained physical symptoms causing me distress. I felt so physically out of balance that I had gotten tests done at multiple health clinics, only to be told I was “fine” and they could find nothing wrong with me, which made me feel even more hopeless.

Thankfully I was connected to Janet. I experienced such immediate shifts after our sessions that, incredibly, most of my physical symptoms were alleviated after our second meeting. It was like a huge burden was lifted from me and I could finally give voice to so many emotions and experiences that were brewing inside of me. Perhaps the greatest gift I received from working with Janet was a growing capacity for self-insight.

I worked with Janet for more than a year and I wouldn’t have been able to grow so much without her. Her intuitive, curious, and non-judgmental approach to working with you enables you to feel wholly seen and heard. Janet truly empowers you to be your best self.

Nina T

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Online Video Courses

Learn How to Take the Best Care of Yourself

Intuition and Divine Guidance

Janet Heartson

- Navigate Your Intuition

- Discover Your Inner Wisdom

- Intuition Styles

- Practical Tools

-Insights and Answers

Jenny Gelfan

Self Care Techniques for 

9 Common Aches and Pains

Jenny Gelfan

- Headache, Eye Strain, Neck Pain

- Upper Back and Shoulders

- Hands and Wrists

- Lower Back

- Leg and Foot Cramps

- Indigestion

- Menstrual Cramps

Renew Energy and Relieve Stress

Renew Energy Relieve Stress

Jenny Gelfan

- Simple, practical techniques to release tension and increase stamina.

- Simple techniques to help you relax and feel better.

Relieve Pain with Easy Touch

Touch Skills for Caregivers

Jenny Gelfan

- Learn how to help friends, family and clients cope with pain and illness.

- Easy techniques to give them the touch they so desperately need.

The Spiritual View

A Diverse Group of Healers Share Their Perspectives on Topics that Matter to You

10xHealing The Spiritual View
  • Weight Loss
  • How to Take Care of Yourself While You're a Caregiver
  • End of Life Care


Get the Support You Need on Your Healing Journey

Soul Journey Poetry by Janet Heartson


Soul Journey poems come from a bigger place. They are spiritual transmissions.


Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life by Janet Heartson

Get to Know Our Healers

    Janet HeartsonHealth and Spiritual Consultant

    I will help you connect with guides and angels and your own inner wisdom.  Raise your vibration, release stress, recharge your energy, transform your life.

    Jenny GelfanWellness Consultant

    I know what your BODY NEEDS and how to guide you to listen so you can heal

    Barbara WilliamsPerspectives

    ​I can help you see ALTERNATE PERSPECTIVES that support you moving forward in a positive direction and empower your healing process.