Lessons From Your Cat

You can learn a lot from your cat.

The Cuddle Factor 

Cats don’t ask permission to get on your lap. Cats assume you want to cuddle with them. Learn to anticipate loving acceptance just as your cat assumes you will lovingly accept them.You can just assume people want to give you affection, just like you cat does.

Power Napping

Resting is an important thing. Cats know just where to nap in that special warm, sunny space that is just right. They know that resting is part of their nature and they are not self conscious about it. We could definitely benefit from a short nap here and there.

Cats Know the Benefit of Stretching

They do not get up from a nap without stretching. It is really good for you, too. Learning to stretch after sitting at the computer or watching a show. Learn to stretch before getting out of bed. Give your body a moment of attention and it will serve you well.

On call Nursing Assistants

They come and stay with you when you are sick. They don’t chatter about mundane things, they sit quietly and are present to you. They snuggle up next to you and purr, even when people avoid you! They sooth your aches and pains and let you feel the presence of love. What could be more healing than that!


Even when we forget them or get angry at them, they forgive us right away.  I have never had an animal hold a grudge. They are in the moment and as loving as can be.

Cats are Emotional Barometers.

Most of the time, they just love you out of your mood with snuggles, purring and comical antics. But sometimes they reflect back your emotional state. They may walk away if you are not dealing with your anger. Or they might be very clingy if they know you are afraid. They may also appear nervous in response to your fearful state.

Sometimes our animals volunteer to take on your stresses. It is really important to deal with your feelings and issues so they don’t get sick or act out in response to your stress.

Unconditional Love

Most of all cats give us unconditional love. They don’t judge us or lie to us or withhold love when we have been unkind. They offer infinite patience and love. Science studies have proved that people heal faster, blood pressure is more stable and anxiety is reduced when we have pets. We are truly blessed in the presence of these beings of love.

About the Author Janet Heartson

Janet Heartson is a wellness consultant and livelong intuitive. She integrates Kinesiology, NLP, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Psychology & Spirituality, Flower Essences, BioFeedback and Nutritional Consulting to help you heal exponentially.