Online Video Courses

Intuition and Divine Guidance

Janet Heartson

- Navigate Your Intuition

- Discover Your Inner Wisdom

- Intuition Styles

- Practical Tools

-Insights and Answers

Jenny Gelfan

Self Care Techniques for 

9 Common Aches and Pains

Jenny Gelfan

- Headache, Eye Strain, Neck Pain

- Upper Back and Shoulders

- Hands and Wrists

- Lower Back

- Leg and Foot Cramps

- Indigestion

- Menstrual Cramps

Relieve Pain with Easy Touch

Touch Skills for Caregivers

Jenny Gelfan

- Learn how to help friends, family and clients cope with pain and illness.

- Easy techniques to give them the touch they so desperately need.

Renew Energy and Relieve Stress

Renew Energy Relieve Stress

Jenny Gelfan

- Simple, practical techniques to release tension and increase stamina.

- Simple techniques to help you relax and feel better.

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