Six Ways to Reduce Stress

Address stress

Let’s face it, we live in a stressful world. In my life I have solved a few chronic stressors that used to make my life challenging. First, I make sure I leave in plenty of time to get an appointment. I hate to be late!

Then the next biggest stressor for me was grocery shopping. Now I make sure I have the time to shop, that I have eaten something and that I have a list prepared before hand. Have you heard the term HANGRY? I am not a pleasant person when my blood sugar is not stable. So I have to eat before I shop or at least have a big protein filled snack. And this way I also don’t fall prey to the impulse buy shelves by the checkout. Those candy bars no longer call my name. I also try to cheer up someone while I am shopping. It might be simply a smile, but often it is a compliment or a joke to the person in line behind me. It makes everyone happier. And be sure to give lots of appreciation to the checkout clerk, it will uplift you when you uplift someone else.

Look at this list and see how you can support yourself and your nervous system. Here are some ways to look at your life and relieve stress. It is so important in our busy lives to self reflect and make sure we are doing what fulfills us. In the list below, see which ones you do well and which you could add to practice your stress management.


  • Know you have choices
  • Set priorities
  • Learn to say “no”


  • Know what triggers stress and catch the symptoms early
  • Be grateful
  • Do what it takes to balance your life


  • Schedule time for yourself
  • Get adequate sleep
  • If you must worry, schedule a beginning and end. Like the half hour it takes to drive home.


  • Establish and maintain supportive friends
  • Manage your relationships, set boundaries
  • Improve your relationship with yourself


  • Drink water
  • Eat foods high in fiber, low in sugar and fat.
  • Avoid toxins like perfumes, chemically laden cleaning supplies, food dyes


  • Laughter is actually proven to help our nervous system reset
  • Have fun
  • Be grateful

In the comments below let us know some of your most important self sustaining practices.

About the Author Janet Heartson

Janet Heartson is a wellness consultant and livelong intuitive. She integrates Kinesiology, NLP, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Psychology & Spirituality, Flower Essences, BioFeedback and Nutritional Consulting to help you heal exponentially.